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Cover Tunes Volume 2 - Live From Nevada City



Ken Schumacher says:
Buck Love and the Humperheads is not just a cover band. They perform lots of originals, as their first CD proves (Volume 1 - Originals). But they also play covers, and play them very well. This was supposed to be one disc, but I collected way too much inspired material so we also made a Volume 3 - More Covers (available soon!)
All digitally recorded and mixed so you hear every word and every note. Enjoy!

Mikail Graham talks about the tunes:

Fire and Brimstone - This old Link Wray song was on the Neville Brothers' "Yellow Moon". I reinterpreted the lyrics some to fit my thoughts of spiritual redemption and there you have it. This version was tough to play as we were outdoors at night, the temperature was dropping fast and our hands began to freeze, which may be why we play it faster than usual. A special thanks to Arlan Schierbaum for filling in on organ and Gary Campus for adding some hot percussion

One Way Out - We all grew up listening to the Allman Brothers "Live At Fillmore East", and thirty years later we are still blown away by how great those guys played. Here we do our best to bring passion and power to this classic.

The Cisco Kid - When Bill brought this song to the band it was a natural. We tend to take it places I doubt WAR ever thought about.

Dirty Water - The 60's, The Standells, what more can I say? This is an oldie we love to rip on every chance we get.

Wild About My Lovin' - I've been playing this song with Tom since we met in 1974, and here we play the bejeezus out of it to be sure!

Folsom Prison Blues - This was the first Johnny Cash song I ever heard and when Paul brought it to the band we all jumped on it. And Paul says just about any way you play a Johnny Cash song is fine with him.

Go Back To Your Woods - One of Robbie Robertson's few solo hits. I had to add this song to our set list as it's such a great commentary on New Orleans, and it has since become a space for me to rant about the latest goings on.

Dixie Chicken - I first heard this Lowell George song performed by a local band at a high school dance in the late 60's. Bill Smart was playing bass and singing and as soon as I heard the vocal/guitar break after each chorus I knew one day I had to play this gem.

Fire On The Bayou - When I played in funk and R&B bands back in the 70's various songs by The Meters were staples, and this is a favorite. I twisted the arrangement a bit, and though we've been playing this song almost since our first gig twenty years ago we breathe new life into it without fail.


Credit where credit is due:
Fire and Brimstone - written by Link Wray
(Neville Brothers)
One Way Out - Elmore James,
Marshall Sehorn, Sonny Boy Williamson
(The Allman Bros.)
The Cisco Kid - WAR: Howard Scott,
B.B. Dickerson, Lonnie Jordan, Harold
Brown, Papa Dee Allen, Charles Miller,
Lee Oskar
Dirty Water - Ed Cobb (The Standells)
Wild About My Lovin' - traditional
(The Lovin' Spoonful)
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
Back To Your Woods - Robbie Robertson
Dixie Chicken - Lowell George,
Martin Kibbee (Little Feat)
Fire On The Bayou - Leo Nocentelli
(The Meters)

Recording notes: All songs except "Fire and Brimstone" were recorded live at Cooper's Saloon, Nevada City, California on 20 Dec. 2003 or 30 Dec. 2005, using two ADAT-XT decks or an HD 24 hard disk recorder. "Fire and Brimstone" was recorded outdoors live at the Motherlode Reunion Music Festival in Nevada City's Pioneer Park on 28 Sept. 2002 to 16 track ADAT. Mixdown was through a Mackie 1604-VLZ mixer to CD.

Thanks to: Cooper's Saloon, live sound engineers Mac McCormick and Rich Mead, Hugh Glasco (organizer of the Motherlode Reunion music festivals), and my family (Karen, Joseph, Austin) for putting up with my music obsession. Ken Schumacher - May 2006

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